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11/10/2011 1:12:47 PM -
Lower body

weds lower body

lots of stretching and foam rolling and mobility before getting started. actual work very low; focusing emphasis of training on correcting imbalances and getting healthy to lift big--yes... still.

foam roll back, IT band, and quads
stertch quads
hip flexor activation by hold leg up >90 degrees for sets of 15 seconds
active hip flexor stretch/ runners stretch 3x12
glute bridges- 3x20
bdy weight low bench squats-- trying to get negative angle on shins, focus on lifting w glutes
quad stretch again

Hack squats: hack squats- worked up to 7 pps(plates per side) for 8 reps-- easy, but out of room for more weight. Ill have to bring my bands with me for more resistance.

Notes- really trying to open up hip flexor and loosen quads so i can activate my glutes more- thus helping my DL lockout and overall posture. Glute inhibition is a very common problem. Its a big muscle, esp on my gorilla butt, so i need it working at max capacity. The glute bridges really lit me up, had a crazy glute pump and they are really sore today. in fact, i couldnt even get full extension b/c my hips are so tight. So obviously my body has been effectively working without them, so isolation work is a must. I think this will make a huge diff in my DL, and hopefully my squat, and even my bench by allowing me to arch more.

Sam Byrd

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