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11/26/2011 3:16:15 PM -
Saturday squats... and pulls... and bench... trying something new


trying something new here. Ive had to cut my training back to 3 days a week but dont feel like i get enough volume for my upper body. i think the timiming for an upper/lower split is perfect for my sq/dl w about 4-5 days rest between, but i feel like its too long for upper. so im gonna start hitting a little upper body/bench work every session. gonna take some getting used to and adjustments. just gonna start with less and build up as i feel i can.

ive started training at a new gym and think its just what i need. ive been in memphis 2.5 years and finally found a place.

so on to todays work:

Squats- up to 685x4; video to come later.
145x10, 145x5, 245x5, 335x5, 455x1, 595x1, 685x4

speed pulls with EFS grey mini using a regular gym bar not a DL bar- up to 405x2
worked up in singles w straight weight- 495x1, 585x1, 675x1

incline bench- 225x5, 275x5, 295x5, 315x5, drop to 225x17

GHR- 4 sets of 12

Overall great day. squats went about as i expected, or hoped. i think i had 5 in me but it would have been a grinder and i didnt want to tax myself that much leading into the meet, just a test to see where im at. the bb show diet got me really weak towards the end and for a few weeks after and shook my confidence so i needed to feel something to get my head right. the joeskopec 1RM calculator i always use puts 4 reps at 775, and 5 reps at 800. I like round numbers so ill work for that.

DL is coming along but not how i like. the 675 was conventional on a regular gym bar wearing oly lifting shoes and wearing straps. i dont know why i decided to do that? just a change i guess. i still feel much more comfortable sumo.

Incline bench felt good. First time ive been able to do anything substantial for bench in weeks because of that tweaked pec.

i feel pretty good about where im at 8 weeks out from RUM. just gotta keep working flexibility, not train too heavy, and keep from getting hurt.

Sam Byrd

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