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11/30/2011 7:59:06 AM -
Tuesday - Accumulation I week 1 upper assistance

No warmup
Seated overhead press 240 3x4
Rolling dumbbell tri ext 40 5x10
Blast strap inverted rows 3x10, 6x5 (60 total rep goal)
Face pull 50 3x12
Alternate dumbbell hammer curls 20 4x16
Dumbbell 3-way Shoulder(F/S/R) 10 1x20 each

OK, I did not warm up today. I will not make a habit of this. I have been extremely successful using a warmup as of late and have been much healthier as a result. For various reasons I did not train until the evening which is not my normal schedule.

It was good to do OHP again. I have not done them in sometime. Perhaps that could be partially responsible for some of my shoulder issues. Anway, used a slow and controlled motion to complete all of the reps. 2 minute rests between sets.

For the rest of the work I maintained only 1 minute of rest between everything. My forearms were so crazy pumped from squeezing everything so tightly, having to incorporate that bodybuilding style of lifting. It was funny, I almost failed on my last rep of rolling dumbbell tri extensions. I have not had that feeling with light weight in as long as I can remember. The curls were stupid light, but my arms were killing me. Lastly, even though the side raises were only 10 lb dumbbells I had to do a little swinging to finish them. 60 reps on a set is not exactly in my comfort zone.

Could hypertrophy be kicking in already? I have gained 4 lbs since Friday's session. I have been eating quite a bit after these sessions. My body is just spent and craving fuel. Especially yesterday where no carbs were consumed until after training around 8:30 ish.

Upon the completion of the week, I will look over the results and adjust my nutrition plan accordingly.

What's next, time under tension,
Vincent Dizenzo

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