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12/2/2011 10:04:19 AM -
Following this new routine... good luck...

In case anyone is looking for a pattern to my most recent training, or in the next few weeks, well i dont really have one except that i am going to squat, press, and hit upper back every session. Thats the minimum. I will do other stuff im sure, but thats the only "fixed" part of my plan. I really hate to lock myself into a rigid % or weight based program. If i feel good i bang it out, if i dont, i take it easy or do something else. many days i got other shit goin on and dont feel like doin it; thats different than "not feelin it". Sometimes my mind says no, and those days i push through. Its when my body says no, not today that try to listen. Im learning how important that is more and more these days.

just an fyi- so squat, press, and upper back 3 days a week. Probably like this but subject to change:

sq- front squat, SSB low box, back squat
press- overhead, flat bench, incline bench
upper back- pullups, rows, pulldowns

Sam Byrd

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