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12/3/2011 8:05:17 AM - Jeremy
Sam, your new routine looks interesting. Some questions about it.

1- are you resting a day in between workouts?
2- are you doing any cardio?, if so, is it post workout are days in between workouts? Steady state or HIIT?
3- what's your diet setup like in a nutshell?


1- Im training 3 days a week, T/TH/Sat. I have not been doing cardio this month cause i wanted a break from all that i was doing for the bb show, but i will be picking it back this coming week with 20-30 min incline walk and some mobility stuff first thing in the morning 4-5 days a week.

2- So its steady state. I personally dont like HITT. My intensity goes into my lifting so i want a dull thoughtless walk (and also because i study for classes while im on there).

3- My diet looks pretty much like it did for the BB show except i lowered pro and carbs a bit and added fats to lube the joints.

1- 5oz steak (cooked weight on all meats), 1/2 cup egg whites, 6 tbs grits (dry measure)

2- 8oz chicken, 3/4 cup rice or 8 oz sweet or baby red potatoes, 1Tbs olive oil, green veggies if i feel like it. (i use a diff carb source for each of my 3 "lunches"

3- same

4- same

5- post workout shake of 40 g protein, 40 g waixy maize

6- one-hour after shake- 10 oz steak with green veggie or salad w 8oz chicken and oil/vinegar dressing

7- 50g whey before bed

If i dont train i just drop the shake and nothing else changes. I eat every 3 hours. I follow my 90% rule. Follw the meal plan 90% of time, keep ur sanity, and get 100% resiults. So i allow 4-5 (10% of 45 meals a week (6 meals x7 days + 3 workout shakes)to vary from the fixed plan. A variation is anything consumed not on the meal plan or anything u were supposed to eat but didnt. For me, a variation is adding BBQ sauce to my chicken and taters, or mixing pecans and low cal/sugar syrup w my sweet potatoes, or a meal out with my girl that is very similar in make-up to the planned meal, and one dinner i eat whatever she fixes me. Oh, and well occasionally, like this morning, she makes me protein pancakes, protein biscuts, and omlette on sat mornings- dang can she cook! Anyway...

Sam Byrd

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