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12/10/2011 9:58:18 AM -
Friday - Accumulation I week 2 Bench and my early thoughts on Block

Optimum Eight Warmup
Bench 390 3x6
Dumbbell incline 80 5x10
D-Rows 150 5x12
Incline YTW 5 3x10
Band Pushdowns 2 light bands 21/14/12
Dumbbell concentration curls 20 3x15

So, I have been rather sick for almost a solid week now. I have not gotten any work in during the week. In addition I have lost about 8 lbs. I felt well enough to train, but did not think I'd be well enough to push the pace of my training as I am supposed to during this block.

I got my warmup done pretty much by the time the other guys started warming up so I jumped on the bench. The warmup did not leave me wheezing, as this was a concern considering I am asthmatic and I was sick. This being so promising I got on the bench quickly in hopes of finishing before the rest of the crew got started. Amazingly the weight felt fine. I was probably close to the 2 minute rest mark because Eric and Drew jumped on with me and we kept a constant rotation with no wasted time.

Now I know I have really only had three sessions of this block type bench, but I have a very good feeling about it (FYI, it says I am only on week 2, but I had a pre accumulation week as well). The first week felt like crap with the bodybuilding style reps this block requires. This especially sucks for me because I rely on being explosive to move the weights I do. As a result, last week with just 360 for 3x6 I thought I might not even get my last rep in. That's when I asked Brian if I could up the tempo of my bench if necessary to finish reps. He said yes. However, even being sick and lighter this week, the 390 felt like cake and I did not have to up the tempo at all.

Hmmmmmmmmm, perhaps my body is adapting. Being an old dog, I was not certain I could learn any new tricks. I must say, I was very intrigued at the last EliteFTS seminar when I listened to Frey present on Block Periodization. I have great respect for Jeremy as a lifter and as a coach. He is technically flawless and strong as $hit. However, block seemed like more work than I was prepared for. That being the physical work and the mental preparation of the plan. Fortunately my training partner/physio Brian Holloway has taken the mental part out for me. Hey, I call him a physio becuause he likes being called that, he's kind of fancy, plus he wrote my current program (sorry Brian, I can't control myself sometimes).

After the pre accumulation week I looked ahead at my numbers and I thought there would be no way I could squeeze out 3x5 with 420 in such a tight and controlled manner. Now, I have no concerns. I am very much looking forward to my first intensification block in a few weeks when I can blast weight up like I'm used to. I'm anticipating there will be some carry over from the accumulation work. It's starting to make sense. I now look at this block program as a cresdendo of benching. Again, it is very early in this plan to be so excited. Let me just say, I am cautiously optimistic.

Holloway will either be the hero or the goat,
Vincent Dizenzo

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