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12/14/2011 6:53:01 AM -
Tuesday - Accumulation I week 3 upper assistance

Sexy six special warmup
Seated overhead press 280 3x3
Rolling dumbbell tri ext 40 5x12
Blast strap inverted rows 5x12 (*beat past set goal)
Face pull 50 3x12
Dumbbell hammer curls 20 3x15
Dumbbell 3-way Shoulder(F/S/R) 10 1x20 each

Rest between all sets was between 1-2 minutes. This work definitely felt more comfortable than last time. A few weeks ago I almost failed on my last set of rolling dumbbell tri extensions and those were less reps than today's. I completed the blast strap inverted rows in 5 sets instead of 9 last time. Finally, the 3-way shoulder raises were done in stricter fashion as opposed to the swining motion I had to finish with last time.

I continue to feel very positive about my training. Keeping the diet, recovery, and cardiac work helps. It's nice not wondering if something is missing. I know what I am supposed to do and feel confident doing it.

Is it the program or am I just that good,
Vincent Dizenzo

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