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1/2/2012 5:36:38 PM -
1/2 Training

Things have been getting very busy around here at Juggernaut lately. We have a pretty sizeable group of NFL combine preparation athletes and another large group of high school seniors and junior college players who are getting ready to go off to their respective schools next year. There are tons of studs in that group, with athletes going to USC, U of Washington, U of Arizona and more big programs. These two groups will occupy about 7-8 hours of my day everyday and with our other clients, I am training people for about 10 hours per day. With that being said, I don't have time to focus on training for any competition, powerlifting, shot put or otherwise at this time. My top priority is growing my business, not competing. For the forseeable future I will just be training to be strong, athletic, look good (I think I'll slim down to about 265 or 275) and enjoy myself.

1) Overhead Backwards MB Throws x10
2a) Box Jumps-3x5 at 40"
2b) Pushups onto Boxes-3x5
3) Bench-10x5 at 295 (60%)
4) Deadlift-385 (55%)x5, 455 (65%)x5, 525 (75%)x5

This was my first time pulling conventional in about 3 months and it felt shitty.

5a) Chest Supported Rows-5x12-15 with 2 plates
5b) 45 degree back raise-5x12-15 with 25#
5c) Dips-5x10 BW

Moved very quickly through this and was fairly winded

6) Prowler/Pushups/Abs-Push for 20 yards, do 10 of some kind of pushup, rest for 20-30 seconds, push for 20 yards, do 20-30 reps of abdominals. Did this for 6 reps because I'm out of shape and had crazy low back pump.

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Chad Wesley Smith

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