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1/4/2012 1:44:28 PM -
1/4 Training

I'm cutting all my carbs for the first 7-10 days of this new training cycle. This will help me get my weight loss kicked off quick and reset my insulin sensitivity. After that I'll be going to a Backloading/Cycling approach. I'm 2.5 days in and despite a mean headache yesterday I feel fine.

1) Dynamic Warmup

2) Diving MB Throws x10 reps with 7kg ball

3) Sled Sprints-3x5x10 yds, I did high knees with the sled on the 3rd set b/c I could feel that I had re-aggravated my adductor injury again, but nothing big.

4) Pushups onto Boxes-3x3

5a) Box Squats-6x2 at 375, I had to use a narrower stance than I wanted here due to the adductor issue
5b) Speed Bench-6x3 at 245, then did a rep out set of 23 reps.

I was only taking 30 seconds between each set of squat and bench here. So I would squat, rest 30, bench, rest 30, squat, rest 30 and so on. I'm just trying to keep a high heart rate and raise my work capacity. Plus I only have about an hour and half to train in the mornings.

6a) Bentover Rows-3x12-15, 1 set overhand grip, 1 set underhand, 1 set wide overhand
6b) DB Overhead Press-3x12-15
6c) RDLs-3x12-15

I wanted to do 4 sets of each but ran out of time. For that assistance work I am quickly switching from one exercise to the next and then resting 1 minute between rounds.

Came back about an hour later and did some tempo runs, pushups, BW rows and abs with some football guys.

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