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1/7/2012 8:10:00 AM -
Friday - Week 13 Intensification I Bench and it almost got ugly

Scientific Seven specialized warmup
Bench 500 5x2
4 board press, pinkies on rings 500x3 550 2x3
CSR 90 3x10
Band pull-aparts 3x12

I did everything I could to prepare for this training session. Those of you who have followed my log would know that volume is not necessarily one of my strong points. Nor is it something I like to do. That being said, I'm staying true to this programming.

When I took the first set of 500, I drove the first rep towards my feet and I thought, this is going to go badly. I put the second in a better position and was happy to get through it. Once I got off the bench I thought there was no way I will get my numbers. After that initial bout of anxiety I knew I had to get my head straight. In order to do this I threw my ipod on a few minutes prior to the next lift. I'd take it off right before I jumped on the bench. I told myself it would be light weight and then had Rhodes hand me the bar. As the weight came down I consciously said in my head, belly up. Well, I'll be darned it went infinitely better. I was really pleased to say every set got better as I went all the way through.

I almost feel silly retelling these happenings. 500 lbs for doubles should not be this big of a deal. However, I cannot recall the last time 500 lbs felt heavy in my hands. I also can't remember the last time my pecs actually felt sore. My pecs were aching with 225. This crazy volume of benching twice a week is tough. Anyway, enough whining, the session was finished and I am better for it. Next week is a deload and I am very excited for it.

It was a great session all in all. Tee Tee made his triumphant return and is strong as ever without seriously training. Yeah I hate him. Rhodes was thorwing down doubles with 400+. Josh and Karsten were working with pr numbers. Brian's dialing things in. Drew is the rock keeping the group running in top form while rehabbing. Big Easy was helping out and our strongman visitor Harley kicked some a$$.

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It was a good night for all,
Vincent Dizenzo

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