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1/15/2012 5:57:27 PM -
Friday - Week 12 Deload II Bench and just call me the hoist

Bench 410x1
Single arm face pulls (stole these from Travis Bell) 2x10
Single arm underhand pushdowns 2x10
Dbl curls 2x10

I was pissed about this session. I was really hoping weight would feel light in my hands. However, my pecs felt tight. I decided not to take my deload numbers and jsut shut the bench down. I don't even know the weights I used on the other stuff. It was so light it didn't matter anyway.

I have not been foam rolling my pecs on Thursdays for the past two weeks. My fear was the foarm rolling could be beating them up. Well, that did not work out so well. I will begin foam rolling them again on Thursdays. I'm also going to go back to taking ETS from ALN. It has microlactin in it and that will help with the soreness.

Regarding the hoist comment, I went from the guy who was not even alowed to spot (I am a little clumsy and accident prone) to the liftoff guy. Now I'm lifting for Rhodes and Brian. When they get their pr's it will all be thanks to my superior liftoff skills. All kidding aside, I am looking forward to lifting off for Rhodes when he nails his 500 raw. He looks ready. I'm going to straighten Brian out also.

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