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1/17/2012 2:11:53 PM -
Monday - Week 11 Accumulation II Bench

Incline bench 405/375/365/315x5 315x3+2 assisted
Rolling dbl tri ext 50 3x10
T bar row 135 2x10, 160 1x10
Hammer curls 40 3x12
Side lat raises 30 3x10

My incline work was all f'd up. I worked up to 365 during warmup and all felt light. After the first set of 405 my pecs tightened up like granite and my triceps felt weak as sh!t. So I dropped to 375 and I felt the same way as the previous set. Well this happened all the way down until 315. On my last set Jess even had to help me with the last two. Forced reps, eeeek, I can't remember those in forever. Guess it's time to bust out the CrazyWear baggy workout pants and lifting gloves.

Anyway, after contemplating suicide I texted Brian. I had clearly screwed up my RPE of 8-9. He asked what my best incline was and set my new working parameters. I also went into this training on no carbs. Not sure if that made a difference. However, with Mondays now having some decent pressing in them I will have to adjust my diet a bit. Sipping on a carb/ptrotein concoction might be in order.

I'm also thinking about leaving my basement for this session. I don't think I am able to push myself hard enough with this block programming. I might need someone to push me a bit. I used to commute 10 hrs a week to train for beching when I wanted to hang with the big boys. Maybe I have fallen into complacency. There's only one way to find out.

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