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1/23/2012 8:02:04 PM -
Monday - Week 13 accumulation II bench

Fab four super duper warmup
Foam roll light, upper and lower body
Incline bench 335 4x6
Rolling dbl tri ext 60 3x10
One arm dbl rows 75 3x10
Hammer curls 40 3x12
Side lat raises 30 3x10

Went and trained at Derek Poundstone's gym. Figured I always rant about guys not traveling to train so I should get my a$$ out of the basement. Well, Derek is a super strong guy and I respect his abilities. Originally we were going to bench together, but he got his days mixed up. I was going to bail, but I had my gym and food bags packed so I made a go of it.

To my surprise the gym has a bench and an incline where the rack moves out for when you lift off and then snaps into place. These are perfect for me on these light days. No need for a liftoff person. I mean, I don't want to cheat on Rhodes. Anyway, I got my work done with minimal rest and was glad I trained there.

Derek was training overhead. Just watching him blast some serious weights helped motivate me. That and he's just a big sob. We might catch up for some good bench training when we are both in an off season. I bet we would push the $hit out of each other. Too bad I don't think either of us ever has an off season.

Another old friend Tom C is running the place and it was good to see him. I'll probably make this a regular Monday thing. It's a great place. So if you are near Waterbury I highly suggest you give this place a go. Especially if you are a strongman. I can't imagine a strongman wanting to train anywhere else.

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Derek's jealous of my bench, who isn't,
Vincent Dizenzo

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