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2/1/2012 7:49:10 AM -
Squat / Pull Day

Warm up

Just about none. I laid on the rumble roller for 10 seconds and that was it. I

I was running late and my wife had to go on a walk. Normally I would complain but she is pregnant and you dont argue with pregnant chicks. You just step out of the way and smile and tell them how good their ass looks for a prgenant chick as they walk out the door.


135 for 5
225 for 3 Back felt stiff
315 for 3 Back felt stiffer
405 for 3 Back started to cramp
505 for 1 Back felt like death and I was told to rack it.

I was planning to go to 600 for a deep double but after my warm ups I bagged it. Boh told me the rep looked weird and not worth hurting my self this close. I agreed.

I skipped pulling as well and did what I could.

Glute Briges

3 sets of 10 with 315

Lat Pull down with wide grip

3 sets of 10

Chest supported rows

3 sets of 10

Glute Ham raise / Knee Ext superset

3 sets of 15 each back to back

I finished with 2 more sets of glute bridges


I went home and laid down for a while and watched some netflix movies then I rolled and hit the theracain for 10 minutes.

Scott Yard

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