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2/4/2012 8:31:08 PM -
Friday - Week 9 accumulation II bench w/video

Light foam roll upper
Nervous nine warmup
Bench 4505x4 (2-3 minutes rest between sets)
Incline tempo dbl bench 100 3x8
D-row with fat bar 170 3x10
Blast strap scarecrows 3x10
Overhead band tri ext 3xamap
Dbl curls 20 3x12

This has been the training session I was dreading. I could have gone anywhere from 420-450 for my sets. I wanted the top end because I need to work my a$$ off to get that 600 raw in my third class.

I started the day a bit light. I have been weighing around 287 for a couple of weeks, but this morning I was 283. Didn't really wory about it. I had to do a workshop so I knew it would be difficult to bring my food. So I ate the food supplied and ended up with a few more carbs than usual during the day. However, I kept my fats to a minimum. I normally backload, but I eat carbs all day on the day of a competition so this worked out well considering I thought this was going to be a challengine session.

Training was to get started a little later than usual. Although I planned on being behind the traffic that was not the case. Ended up taking an hour and a half to get to the gym. It's usually only half an hour. I did not let myself get frustrated as I knew it would zap my energy.

Warmed up well in training and felt really good. I have been putting my ipod in for training. I train with a great crew, but I need to get my head right. I can get easily distracted and frustrated. Once I am the least bit frustrated about anything I have a tendency to perseverate on it and then I am screwed. I lose all focus. The ipod allows me to crawl into my own head and keep my edge. Ingterstingly I got over amped a few times and actually had to tone it down. I try to lift as relaxed as possible.

On to the lifting. I did a lot of worrying about nothing. While I will not say the weight felt light, I never had a worry about it once under the bar. The rep thing is no longer new to me. I smashed them all and even held the last rep for a press call.

After that I was on to assistance. All of the work was done with minimal rest. I have been increasing the weights on some of the main lifts each week. I am dialing in all facets of my game. I look forward to the upcoming deload week and then getting to my second block of intensification. for online coaching
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