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2/12/2012 8:17:56 PM -
Saturday training (on sunday)

Missed training yesterday b/c i was preparing for my first court hearing as a student attorney on Monday. Had something come up last minute i needed to work on so i hit the gym today.

30 min cardio (10minutes on stepper, 20 on treadmill)
stretch bac/pecs, foaam and ball roll back and quads
Paused SLDL from knee height (ROM was from top of knee to lockout with a 2 sec pause at the knee before each rep)-- worked up to 365x10, 405x10x3sets
machine seated rows- jjust working on contracting scapula and lower traps b/c my shoulder is acting up again. nothing too heavy
pullup shrug? basically just hung from the bar w straight arms and retracted my lats to lift me just a bit, hold, release and hang pushing head thru arms to force a pec stretch. Really working my external rotation
45 degree back ext- 3sets x 10 ( i really like these)
stretch pecs on machine fly
rev crunches 3x10reps
no monies- something for extrnal shoulder rotation
foam roll quads again/ tack and floss/ stretch hips/quads/lats

stepper is breaking me in to activating quad and hopefully be back under the squat bar next week or 2.

Sam Byrd

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