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2/17/2012 1:54:17 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Friday training and Kevin Mclaughlin

Fridays training:
Front squat to low box:
This was first time doing front squats since my surgery back in June. I am starting from square one again and they are same uncomfortable pieces of shit I remembered them to be. Just to be safe I did them off a low box but I'd love to be able to do them ass to grass again soon.

Worked up to 150kgs 5x5

Reverse hypers: 4x15

Standing abs: 4x10

Kevin McLaughlin
This week one of our Iron Sport lifters tested all three powerlifts on separate nights. The end result was a 650lb squat, a 460lb bench press and a 700lb deadlift all perfromed by a raw, 21 year old, 210lb lifter named Kevin McLaughlin.

I have known Kevin since he was in Elementary school, he was in the same grade as my youngest daughter and when he would see me back then he would always say, “Mr Pulcinella, when I get older I’m going to lift weights and be big and strong like you.” I would always say something like, “yeah, sure kid, now run along son” and just chuckle. As Kevin grew older I would run into him here and there, he was a very athletic kid and started lifting very at a very young age. He started to become known in school for his physique and his strength in the weightroom. I didn’t see him much through high school because he played sports all year round and the jagweed, douchebag coaches forbid any of their athletes to come here and train.

As soon as Kevin graduated from high school he made a bee-line for Iron Sport and started really hitting his workouts heavy and hard. He would start attending Temple University in the fall and work part time as a township trash collector. Even after this brutal schedule he would never miss a workout and was relentless in the gym. When Kevin started his full-time training here I wrote him a very straight forward routine which he worked to death, I’ve never seen him show any kind of fear getting under the bar either. Kevin’s goal when starting college was to walk on to Temple’s football team and try to make the squad. After a summer of gut busting training both at Iron Sport and with speed and agility coaches he successfully earned a spot onto Temple football. He then quickly realized that lifting is what his true passion was so immediately quit the team to dive head first into strength training and powerlifting. Kevin has done a few USAPL meets both representing Iron Sport Gym as well as Temple Powerlifting and has his eye on more in the future. Keep an eye out for him in the future!


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