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2/21/2012 1:40:59 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Squattin' some singles

We started out pulling some power snatches for a warm-up. I just worked up real quick with some pull-pull-snatch combos and banged out a quick:
40kgs, 60x1, 80x1, 90x1, 100x1

Squats: I had the kid do 95% of his 1RM x10 singles and since my squat is terminally in the shitter from all my injuries I figured I'd just do whatever weight he was doing.

170kgs x 10 x 1 I didn't use the box on these so my knees took a real beating but sometimes you just have to give yourself a beating so you can knock the vag dust off of yourself. I just bathed them in Volterin Gel.

GH Raises: 4x10

Standing abs: 4x8

We try to do the singles with a brief pause but we got about two squats in and there was an incident that I had to handle. Iron Sport Gym is on the corner of an intersection of a main road with a train tressle running above it. Big trucks can't always fit under it and sometimes try to resort to cutting through my parking lot. The problem is that my lot isn't that big and it has a ninety degree turn around the building to negotiate and it cars are parked near that turn it makes it impossible. T one point during our workout we all noticed that out of the window that some clown truck driver has gotten himself wedged in trying to make the turn. I noticed that if continued going forward his truck would tear down all the power lines going from the street to my building.

I ran out there before he had the chance to plunge us into darkness. He saw me come running out and I started screaming at him full force like a maniac telling him to get his F*CKING truck off of my lot and if of these wires get knocked down that I was going to beat the shit out of him. My face must have been bright red, the veins were bulging out of my head and my blood presure was through the roof. The guy just sat there and looked horrified, he didn't know which way to go. He eventually backed up and wiggled his way back out, and high tailed it out of sight.

I'm usually calm, I swear!,

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