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2/27/2012 12:32:25 AM -
This Weeks Deadlift Training from Tuesday and Why my training is set up like it is

The deadlift training this week is, for all intents and purposes, the same as it was last week. Increased the weights some, but the exercises are virtually the same. Everything was done completely raw. Used a belt for the last set of block pulls against bands, but that was it.

100 jumps

Foam Rolling
Quads, upper and lower back, Hamstrings

4" Deficit Deadlift
525x1 15 sets of this with 45 seconds between sets. ASS KICKER

4" Block pull against Quad minibands

3 sets of 12

Upper back work
5 heavy sets

Deadlift Variation
3 sets of higher reps

3 sets weighted

5 sets weighted

Right now, my training is like it is for 2 purposes. First of all, and I will say more about this later, is that you have to be in shape to get strong. You have to be able to recover not only from the training, but gain on it. If you aren't in shape, the process becomes retarded, and happens much slower as a result. Being in shape is VITAL to maximum gains.That is why the volume is so high right now.

The second reason that its structured as it is, with the deficit pulls, and the large amount of upper back work is because of where I miss. I have two spots that I miss deadlifts. One is when the plates are about 4 inches off of the floor at the start of the pull, and the other is right at the top, maybe an inch or two from complete lockout. To work on it, we are focusing on getting stronger at the start of the pull, and hammering my upper back will help improve my lockout abilities. I like that we are doing it like this, as rack pulls, high pulls and other deadlift variations have never really carried over to my actual deadlift. The upper back work and direct quad work that I am doing on my squat days have helped my deadlift immensely.

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Back in the saddle,
Jason Pegg

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