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2/27/2012 2:20:59 AM - JPegg
Friday Squatting and Why

Squatted Friday instead of Saturday with Ted, as I had my boys this weekend. We had a lot of fun, and ran around outside a lot. Was a bit chilly, but, well, its February in Indiana

100 jumps

PVC Roller
Quads, Hams, Upper and lower back

Static Stretching
Quads, Hams, Hip flexors, Glutes, groin

raw Squat, Shoulder width Stance
700x1 This was legit Matt K. Hamstrings parallel at best. Tough training alone, but Dave just got us a new Squat bar, and I would feel like an asshole putting it on the floor first. I would and should put a 0 for the rep count, but, well, its my log. Just believe me when I say this attempt was AWFUL.

330x12 Trying to get some good work in. My legs are small, and I need to fix that. This is where it starts.

Leg Press
Sled x20
600x50 This was Brutal. And idiotic. Walking was very difficult afterwards.

Lat Pulldowns
200 for 5x12

Straight Arm Pulldowns
70 for 5x20

Weighted Situps
25 x5x10

You will see that this day is very "quad focused" as far as the training goes. That is for a reason as well. Quad strength, or lack thereof, has become a limiting factor for both my squat and my pull. My normal squat stance is wide, but its Closer to Carrolls' than Vogelpohls' stance. It is underneath me enough that my quads do a sizable amount of work during the entire lift. Bigger quads will also make my gear fit tighter, which will help immensely, as they aren't designed the same or fit the same as they did in my old Ace stuff. I will admit that I had LeighAn tighten up my briefs and suit a bunch in the legs, and they fit amazingly well. I may still use my ace briefs as opposed to the Jack briefs, but I'm going to figure that out as the training cycle goes along. Ill be sure and keep you guys updated about it.

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So sore today,
Jason Pegg

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