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2/27/2012 10:12:48 AM -
Saturday - Cardiac/recovery, Feeding the ducks and other nonsense

Treadmill 20 minutes @ heart rate 100
Foam roll upper and lower
Contrast shower

I felt horrible when I woke up. The preceeding two weeks of work beat me up. I was also mentally drained. I think about training a lot. So when I accomplished Friday's bench goal I was left feeling unsatisfied. I often get a feeling of melancholy after good lifting. Subconsciously I must feel like I deserve a parade or something. The reality is noboby really cares. As it should be, people have real issues in this world.

My parents are away right now and with my brother's passing, I just kind of felt alone with no immediate family around. Jess picked up on this quickly. She reads me like a book. So we decided on a family acitivity.

We packed up the dog and went to our local park to feed the ducks and geese. Harley is a 10.5 year old rotty and is getting little geriatric. I think the ducks make her feel young. So we fed them and Harley got closer to the pond than Jess likes. I have actually let her get up to her elbows when Jess was not around. Got in big trouble for that one. Anyway feeding the ducks was fun. Especially considering Jess is certain one of the ducks is a tranny. It has male markings on its head, but has a female body. Heck, I know nothing about ducks and am surprised my wife does. The thought of a tranny duck sure made me laugh though.

Anyway, I have four functioning limbs and a mostly functioning brain. There are thousands of people (probably more) that don't have clean drinking water so my life is pretty darn good. I'm blessed to have what I have and do what I do.

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My estrogen must be running high,
Vincent Dizenzo

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