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2/28/2012 1:03:26 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Tuesday training and Youtube comments

Tuesday training:
Snatch combos (two snatch pulls, one hang snatch)

Front squats:
God I suck at these and they kill my knees in so many ways but they are really hitting my legs where I need them most. I was at 180kgs x 1 before my accident eight months ago so i'm a long way off.

Glute/Ham raise with heavy band tension: 4x8

Standing abs: 4x8

I just would like to take some time out and address an idiotic phenomenon that I keep seeing on the internet. I know, it’s the stupid internet, and nobody takes what anyone on the internet says to heart, but this shit just bugs me.

This has to do with Youtube comments, I have a Youtube channel that gets a fair share of hits and my videos get some comments by people that so uninformed and stupid that it boggles my mind. I’ll break them down into three catagories: Let’s say I post a video of a guy doing a huge squat . . .

1)The pussy who is jealous and will say something like, “Ya know, singles aren’t really a true test of strength, I’d like to see him do twenty reps with a lighter weight using better form.” Really dummy? Is that what you’d like to see? Then why the hell did you click of a video that was titled ‘Joe Blow squats 900x1’? Probably just so you could make yourself feel a bit better by making that ridiculous comment. Look outside the crossfit box newbie, there is a whole world of lifting that’s been going on since before you strapped on your Vibrams three months ago.

2)The ‘expert’ with too many training degrees for his own good that will inform us all how squatting all that weight is dangerous and that the lifter should be training for health and longevity. Really jerk-off? Should NFL football players be taking it easy too, should MMA fighters be gentle so they can fight forever. There is a difference between being alive and LIVING brother. Taking risks and striving for greatness is LIVING! Yeah so you might get banged up along the way, so you live with a little pain. I’ll tell you one thing Mr Youtube comment wizard, I would rather live the rest of my with a little pain, if it gets me a LOT of glory!

3)The jealous keyboard warrior that calls every big lift he sees on Youtube an “ego lift”. Oh my god, are you freaking serious? I guess the fact that squatting one single big rep is part of an actual sport means nothing to you. And let me be the first one to clue you in on something, everything is ego driven! Did you take a shower today and comb your hair? Yes? Why? So you don’t smell and look bad. Why? Because it was all ego driven. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeding your ego. We all do it all day long. Would you tell a golfer he just hit an ego shot after he hit a hole in one? No, because you respect golf, but you FEAR a guy squatting 900lbs. Hence, you’re most likely a weak little coward.

So I guess you dicks can still go out there and post your stupid comments on all of our videos. But you aren’t fooling anyone.


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