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2/29/2012 9:01:16 AM -
Team Update

Since these have gone over pretty well in the past, here's a profile of one of my top kids and what I'm doing with him. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: When you're a high school coach, with way too many kids who don't give a shit and assistant coaches who might not even be able to show up from one day to the next, you end up paying the most attention to your top kids -- which is kind of the point of having me there. Sorry, but I'm not there to teach kids who just want the jacket to walk in a straight line. I'm there to help win games, and to do that I have to pay the lion's share of my attention to the kids who are going to help us do that.

PLAYER: "The Disappointment"
HEIGHT: 5'10"
STORY: TD might be my favorite current player, which is probably why I'm leading off with him. His nickname is an affectionate one. He's a returning captain, he works his ass off on the field, he's a decent student, and he's quite capable of playing on the (old) I-AA level, or MAYBE at one of the service academies. I think he has the ability. His problem is that, although his family is decidedly middle-to-upper middle class, he's had some problems at home because of his father. I'm not entirely sure what the deal is because he doesn't tell me everything, but I'm aware that he has a f-ed up home life. Then again, I know shitloads of good athletes from WAY worse circumstances, so who knows?

I call him "The Disappointment" because he's in that awkward stage where he thinks it's cool to post pictures of himself on Facebook doing stupid poses with his friends while they all wear Affliction shirts and hold up beer bottles. This, of course, is exceedingly stupid, and college recruiters are going to see this, but he seems to think this is acceptable. I'm not sure why. I'm debating punitive measures until he deletes all this shit.

As far as his training goes, TD is leaps and bounds above the majority of his teammates after working with me regularly for a year (he's one of those kids who will actually come to the gym with me -- my gym -- on weekends because he wants to get better). We're still in a VERY general stage where I'm trying to increase his work capacity, with more football-specific work that I'd typically do because his problems stem more from a lack of fundamental knowledge of the game. He didn't start playing until 9th grade, so he's still catching up, to an extent. His split looks something like this:

SATURDAY: Block-style lower body (squat)
SUNDAY: Tempo running + abs
MONDAY: Block-style upper body
TUESDAY: Tempo running + abs
WEDNESDAY: Block-style upper (deadlift + 60% squat)
THURSDAY: Tempo running + abs

On Saturday and Wednesday, he'll perform box jumps, an assortment of med ball throws, and sprints, preceded by a 15 minute drill period where I instruct him in various football scenarios he's had trouble with -- linebacker angles, pursuit, and how to hold the f-ing ball so he stops fumbling in the red zone after churning out 8 yards a carry to get us there.

Angry Coach

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