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3/1/2012 11:57:29 AM - Steve Pulcinella
Craptastic Shoulders

I woke up a little under the weather but stayed true to my word and forged ahead.

Military Press: the idea was to work up to a one rep max.

115 (252lbs) x 1
118x miss

Viking press:
drop down set 315x15

Dumbbell side raise: 5 drop sets

Upright row:
135lbs x 4 x 2

The only reason we did the Viking Press today was because one of the guys in my ever growing group of training partners and various hangers on guys insisted that we do it. His name is Tommy, but we call him Tommy Gun because he's a former soldier of no fortune whatsoever and has claimed at various times to have more confirmed kills that Rambo 1, 2, 3 and 4 combined. All I know is I don't see any reason he needs to carry a Kimber 1911 with like five extra clips all loaded with hollow tip bullets into the gym every day but he seems have all kinds of reasons. Tommy is about 170lbs in bodyweight but about 260 if you count his big mouth. Although he's not not the greatest presser I have ever seen he claimed he could best all of us on our Viking press event so we did it. All I know was when the smoke cleared I stamped dominance all over the other guys and walked away in defense to my elbows and finished my actual workout leaving them to battle it out for second place. Tommy Gun and Bob kept going at it for another six of seven sets until old grampa Bob's elbows started to unravel.


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