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3/3/2012 5:30:37 AM - Clint Darden
Thursday, March 1, Finally Died!

And it hit me that I did WAY too much pressing, with bands especially, on Tuesday NOT to be painfully hurting for the next several days.

Tried to box squat and even had my heart set on setting a reverse band PR...but...

I couldn't even get my hands closed around the squat bar. When I attempted to unrack 771, my body nearly collapsed.

On a positive note...the cute lady that reads electricity meters came by as I was training today and said hello.

I'm also pretty sure someone is beating me in my sleep. I've slept so freaking much every night and then a nap every afternoon/evening and still can't get enough. I have bruises all over me. My shoulders, elbows, upper back, idea why.

I've also gained about 10 lbs or more in the last 10 days...possibly the reason why I've started snoring more while I attempt to sleep, why my arms fall asleep and throb when I'm trying to sleep, and all the extra bloat is probably causing my wife to ravish my body as I'm in my Dr Pepper Coma.

Clint Darden

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