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3/5/2012 1:37:44 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday benching and NEW EQUIPMENT COMING!

I've been nursing some kind of chest and head cold for a few days. I must have fluid in my lungs because I never in my life felt like I was drowning as I was benching before.

Flat bench:
250x12 (I couldn't breath good enough to get more reps than 12)

Incline flyes: 70's 4x12

Barbell curls: 5x10

Hammer curls: 4x10

I was wiped out after that little workout. Even after I layed around on my ass resting most of the weekend.

The good news is my EFS collegiate power rack is on it's way. The delivery is scheduled for tomorrow. So that'll be exciting to place that in the weightroom. So that will give us three olympic platforms and three heavy duty power racks.

Remember: If your gym only has one squat rack, go and get your money back!


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