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3/5/2012 9:19:21 PM -
Sunday - Week 4 squat/dl and my pathetic grip

Fancy four warmup
SSB squat 310 6x5
Sumo dl w/hook grip 405 3x1, 425x1

Interesting thing happened to me with the hook grip. I use a standard texas power bar and I have to get my hands wider than I'd like to grip on the knurling. I wanted to go up to 495 because I have not tested the grip that heavy. Anwyay after a few sets of 405 I could just not get my grip right. So I just went up to 425.

I am ashamed to say the bar did not budge. I was like WTF! So I moved my grip in to where it was more comfortable. With that width the weight jumped up no problem. However, I had to hang on for dear life because half of my hands were on the smooth, expecially those two fingers I hook my thumb to.

I have to get my hands on a deadlift bar and find out if the knurling goes in further than a regular bar. I cannot risk an over under grip with my biceps propensity to rupture.

Anwyay, I'm within a month from my meet so I am done playing around. Time to get serious about my bench.

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The grip of a 13 yr old girl,
Vincent Dizenzo

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