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3/9/2012 3:52:44 PM -
3/9 Log Press, yea you read that correctly

Haven't done this in about 3 years and 3 years ago I did it for about 10 minutes, so this is basically my 1st experience with the log.

1) Log Clean and Press-Did some reps at 175, then 265 and then jumped up to 300. At 175 and 265 I could clean it to the shoulders all in one motion, at 300 this was a different story. I took a few go-arounds with it and finally figured out how to get it set on my knees as I squat under it and then roll it up my body. Stevie P and others have given me some good tips on how to improve this, ie. face the handles away from me more to allow it to roll better. I finally made 300 to my shoulders (it took about 30 seconds) and couldn't make the press. Then got it up smoother, missed the press and then made it on a 2nd attempt. From there I dropped down to 265 and did a few more reps to hone the technique.

In doing these, I realized that 1) It is far different from a Power Clean with a BB which am I good for in the 405-455 range right now. 2) I'm weak overhead-I haven't done any standing overhead work for over a year and it is showing. My tricep strength seemed particularly lacking but hopefully doing a better job of pushing my head forward will help remedy that 3) I need to have a steep learning curve on this event to be decent at it next weekend.

2) Prowler Rope Pull, hand over hand-4 PPS for 75' in 18 seconds, 5 PPS for 75' in 28 seconds, 6 PPS for 75' in 38 seconds. Arms were so cashed here, this body is NOT used to being a lactic environment.

3) Closegrip 3 board press-365x10, 405x8, 455x5

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