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3/11/2012 5:56:44 PM -
Friday - Benching and perspective

Bench 560/560/550x1
Dumbbell rows 50 3x10

So training did not go as anticipated. The first 560 was a grinder. I don't think I pushed my belly up to the bar. The second went better, but was still not as fast as I'd like. So I wanted to tweak my form a little. I went down to 550, which was within my percentages to do so, and that went well.

In retrospect I also took a lot of warmups many of which were triples. I ended up taking 12 warmup sets. I will change that up for next week.

What was interesting is I thought I'd be much stronger with all of he rest I had. It had been two weeks since I benched. Now I think I was deconditioned. While working with Brian, we took block and tried to fashion it around what has worked in the past for me. So I have deviated from some block principles and that might not have been best. I am much better conditioned now and am surely capable of more work.

So we are adjusting things and we'll see what happens and learn from it.

Now onto perspective. When I got home from benching I was not in a great place. I just expect better of myself. Fortunately I jumped on the computer and came across Frey's post here on Elite about his XPC performance. He basically said he's not into the bs and does not really care what others think. He said losing to himself is what's unacceptable.

Wow, there I was sitting and feeling sorry for myself that I might miss my goal of 600 at a meet. I thought back to last time I raw benched at 275. I opened 525 and went straight to 600 (not a good plan, but that's not the point). I ended up missing the 6. I walked away thinking I wouldn't have been happy with anything less than 600 anyway. Now looking back, what a $hitty attitude.

I left at least 50 lbs on the platform that day. I did not represent myself well (to myself, not anyone else). I love to lift, but I worry too much about numbers. I need to go through the process and compete to the best of my ability. PR's are great, but they do not have to be the end all be all. They are simply a byproduct. Squeezing the most out the hard work and honoring that with my best performance that day is most important.

I learned a lot from Friday all around. It was a good day.

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