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3/13/2012 10:38:22 AM -
3/12 Contest Simulation

With only 8 days to train for this, my 1st strongman contest, I have tried to get as much practice in on the events without tiring myself out too much before the contest.

Today I decided to do a lightened version of all the events or simulated versions of them. This not only would get me practice in on the events but also show me what it is like to do a series of events spread out throughout the day.

1) Log Clean and Press

Thanks to Steve Pulcinella, Josh Bryant and all the other people who gave me advice here after watching me trying to hump the log into submission last week. Today I warmed up and did 265x1 easy, 285x1 easy and 315x1 not easy. The clean part was 100% better than the previous week, I'm just not super strong overhead but I think I could give 325 a ride at the competition with some rest and adrenaline. The contest will allow for 3 attempts up to a max, with the weight going from 200 pounds up by 25 pound jumps. I figure I'll just go 275, 300, 325. I have no idea how that will finish but 325 will be good for me.

2) Keg Toss

This is the event I feel the most confidence with since I spent the majority of my life throwing things. There will be 6 kegs, ranging from 20ish to 45ish pounds that I have the throw over a 15' or so bar as fast as possible. I just went out the field yesterday with 2 25# plates, 2 35# plates and 2 45# plates and threw them over a tree branch. I'm trying to take them from the ground straight into the throw, with no windup, for the fastest time possible. I feel good here.

3) Keg/Tire Medley

The contest will have a 300 pound keg to be loaded over a 48# bar, then an 850# tire flip x3, keg again, tire x3 again and finish with the keg. I'm pretty solid with the tire and after seeing a video the contest promoter put up of how that event will be structured I think I wont have much issue just high pulling the keg over the bar. Last friday (as shown in the video) I used a 300# trash can and 1020# tire, but today I switched that up to a 300# barbell that I would high pull onto a pair of 48" boxes and our 600ish# tire to save my low back a bit. This was a breeze and I felt I could sprint through this set up. Here is the video of my training with the heavy tire on Saturday...

4) Truck Pull

I'm not sure how big the truck will be this weekend but I am sure that I'll be strong enough to pull it, I mean this 900 pound squat has gotta come in handy for something right? Today I rigged up a harness for myself, strapped it up to a Hummer full of college football players and pulled it 75'. I'm sure the truck this weekend will be much heavier but it was the best I could do. The rope I used is pretty elastic and was hard to get tension with on the start which made it difficult to get a good low starting position but I know what needs to be done with a bigger truck and am confident I will do it. As I feel this should be one of my better events and I know that greater body mass will help me out, I have scrapped my diet for the past few days and gotten my bulk on. Since last Thursday morning my BW has gone from 295 to 310.

5) Atlas Stones

I don't have stones at Juggernaut so I set the barrel like in the video above. I did one rep onto the box with 5 plates and then dumped in a 25# plate for each of the next 5 reps. I know the technique here is quite a bit different than the stones but it was the best I could think of.

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