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3/14/2012 7:14:00 AM - Ted Toalston
Training 3-10-12 with video

I’m feeling good today and my plan is to squat with band tension. It is difficult for me to gauge where my strength is at since I haven’t taken a max lift in about 15 months and everything feels very heavy. For today training I’m going to use 50% of an estimated squat max of 700. If things get too difficult I may lower it but if they are easy I’m not going to increase it. This is my definition of a conservative plan that keeps my ego in check while still pushing forward. My training broke down like this…

Treadmill, foam rolling, stretching, roller stick

Box squats
Bar for a few
115 for 5 reps
155 for 3 reps
205 for 3 reps
245 for 3 reps
Added 1 light band per side
245 for 2 reps
Put on Ace briefs
295 for 2 reps
Added 1 additional light band per side (2 bands per side, 4 bands total)
295 for 2 reps
345 for 10 sets of 2 reps

Deadlifts- conventional and raw
185 for 3 reps
225 for 3 reps
275 for 3 reps
315 for 3 reps
365 for 3 reps
405 for 3 reps

Glute ham raises
Bodyweight for 3 sets of 12

3 sets of 8

The squats felt surprisingly good. As the sets progressed the bar movement was better and quicker. I could have easily done more but this was good quality work and a good step forward. The deadlifts went well also until the set with 405. My low back felt fine but I pulled something in my right delt/upper lat. I guess I’m just built cheap. I don’t think it’s going to be anything serious and there isn’t any bruising or swelling but things are definitely sore.

Ted Toalston

Ted Toalston

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