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3/15/2012 12:29:20 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Medication sucks/Tues and Thurs training

Lately my energy has been lacking. Let me rephrase that, I literally cannot stay awake, at all. As soon as I get up in the morning I feel like I need a nap and that is not like me, I always had the usual lull in the afternoon between 1:00 – 3:00 but this past week has been brutal. I muster up enough energy to train and then collapse behind my desk trying like hell not to fall asleep. Then I realized that my doctor finally got me to start taking these fucking blood pressure meds last week and that is what has been doing it. I checked online and they say that this feeling passes if I just stick it out a few weeks and the blood vessels in my head expand a little. I don't even like the sounds of that.

So now I have to take Flomax so I can piss, BP meds so my heart doesn’t explode and my dentist just gave me antibiotics (which make my stomach churn) for two weeks for an infection around my gums under a scurvy tooth that I had. This getting old crap sucks! I honestly don’t know how Harry Selkow does it.

Tuesday training:
Worked up to 405 + 120 in chains x 1 (had trouble setting it up and twisted my knee up a little squatting it)
Dropped chains was supposed to do 3x3 with just bar weight but did the first set and my knee wasn’t feeling it so I stopped.

Thursday training:
Warmed up to:
100kg- one high-pull, one clean, one press
100kg- two high-pulls, one clean, two presses
100kg- three high-pulls, one clean, three presses
100kg- four high-pulls, one clean, four presses
100kg- five high-pulls, one clean, five presses
110kgs- three high-pulls, one clean, three presses
120kg- two high pulls, one clean, two presses
130kg- one high-pull, one clean, two failed attempts at pressing. We had done all these sets fast and I was gassed.

Press behind neck, supersetted with dumbbell side raises: 4 sets 10/10 (my shoulders were smoked at this point).

Rear delt machine/band pullaparts: 3x12

Dumbbell curls: 4x10

Preacher curl machine: 4x12


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