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3/19/2012 3:24:30 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday training and WWE dudes all over the gym.

I really needed a break from anything too heavy today so I wouldn't say we "deloaded" our bench press but we just backed it down and just kind of cruised some bodybuilding stuff after that.

Bench: worked up to
The actual pressing was very easy but I feel bullshit going on in my shoulder again. It's a good week to go light.

Flyes: 4x15
cable flyes: 4x15
Triceps pushdowns: 4x15

Then the gym was getting busy, my two partners went outside to do some farmers, prowler conditioning so I stayed in to man the desk.

The WWE is in Philly tonight and a van load of wrestlers had pulled up. The local townsfolk actually know that they train at Iron Sport when they come to Philly and thus camp out in our parking lot sometimes and wait for them. At one point during our workout there was a car parked, not in a parking spot but RIGHT in front of my front door. I went out there in full bloom of the pump and looked into the car in hopes to scare whoever it was. It turns out it was an "adult" man with wrestling magazines and action figures all strewn about his car. He was eating a sandwich, waiting for his possible brush with WWE super stardom. He looked up at me and I just said to him rather nicely, "Hey champ, can you do me a favor and get your FUCKING car out of here". The dude scrambled and took off, I noticed he had Delaware plates on his car as he drove away forever. Great, now people are coming from the next state over to get in my way.

Pictured here is WWE wrestler Cody Roades being forced to have his photo taken with some locals.

Never a dull moment,

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