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3/23/2012 10:35:11 AM - Clint Darden
Freaking Sick!

OK, didn't feel well before I trained on Sunday. Felt "ok" when I was done. I woke up at one point in the middle of the night and realized that I was under every sheet on our bed, my wife was sprawled out trying to cool off and I was shivering and my teeth were chattering.

Hours later I could no longer sleep because I was burning up. Literally, it hurt to touch my face to the pillow.

Monday I felt better, especially after discovering that gargling bourbon gives relief to a sore throat.

Went to the gym on Tuesday after not eating on Monday, at all. Decided to only warm up and go home. I did...and nearly died on the way home.

Tuesday-Thursday night is a blur. Fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc. I do remember a few high points:
1) One night I was so sick that I hadn't left my chair yet I'd managed to lose my glasses.
2) My wife asked me to turn on the lamp immediately next to me...and I literally couldn't.
3) Food? What food?
4) God gave me two things on Thursday. Lots more energy and diarrhea to go with it.
5) I haven't had a voice since Monday morning (and all the sudden everyone wants to ask me something?).
6) A 2 story house is only a good idea if you can also sleep downstairs.
7) Thursday night as soon as I would nearly fall asleep, my wife would cough, and vice versa.
8) Robitussin and Codeine/Ephedrine syrup work GREAT for cough suppression IF you don't mind the fact that you are barely breathing once it starts "working".'s Friday night and my friends at TGI Fridays sent me a text message this morning...they got me a bottle of Jack Daniels Silver Select if I can come and pick it up. 100 Proof Jack, Single Barrel, not sold in the USA...and it's far above the flavor of any other Jack out there (I'm not a Jack fan). So my plan is to find my way to TGI Fridays, pick up my present, possibly some fried Mac and Cheese, maybe some Taco Drol, BurritoBol, and NachoVar on my way home.

Enjoy a few drinks, maybe take a nap...and try to catch UK playing on the radio at 3:45 AM.

Sunday's plan? Warm up ONLY on deadlifts and axle press. GHR, ABS, Chins, Triceps...and rest as much as possible.

Clint Darden

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