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3/23/2012 11:15:50 AM -
Day 4 week 1 - Bench (ugly)

I am loving this phase/block of training. For two reasons:

1. it's hard
2. it is identifying my weaknesses incredibly effectively

One aspect of training I always wanted to master is specializing the routine per needs. Something that gets taken for granted aggressively in this sport. First week down, and I can already say this week has taught me a lot about my current strengths & weaknesses. I imagine this will be a reoccurring theme.

check out the work:

Warmed up

DB press w/40lbs chain
40 x 8
60 x 8
65 x 8
50 x 7
40 x 6
*the last two sets, I literally just petered out. The first three/four reps fly up, giving me the impression Im good for 20 reps. Then all of a sudden past the middle phase of the movement I just hit a massive wall.

3 board close grip press
275 x 5 *again, first 3 reps POW then fluff
225 x 2 x 6 reps *the sixth rep came crashing on the posts on the second set.
*this is seriously pathetic.

Inverted rows x BW
BB overhead press x 95lbs
chin ups x 100lbs
band pressdowns x Average band
bb wrist extensors x BB
*3 total circuits x 12 reps each

Massive pump in the upper body today.

this is to those of you who send me facebook messages. I am sincerely sorry I do not respond via facebook to questions. Please email me or send them here. The last few have been concerning supplementation right now. I will answer that as specific as possible:

Here is list of items I am using:
- Biotest Superfood 4.94oz - One scoop in my coffee
- Grapeseed extract
- vitamin D3
- T-911 - 2 tabs
- Form-X - 8 caps (yeah it's a grip)

Mid day
- Biotest Power Drive 8.1oz

- Anadraulic State GT 720 Grams - 1 scoop before, 1 scoop during
- Biotest Mag-10 1lb 6.8oz - 2 scoops through out
- T-911 - 2 tabs

Post Workout
- Biotest Surge Recovery 3lbs 3.9oz - only 1 scoop
- Biotest Low Carb Metabolic Drive 2lbs - 2 scoops

Pre bed
- I-GH-1 - 4 caps
- ZMA - 3 caps
- Form-X - 8 caps
*I actually drop all 15 caps in my mouth and drop at once. Overtime I have developed this ability to down caps/pills. My wife thinks it's crazy.

I realize it's a lot of crap. It's not a dependency issue, in fact no issue at all, it simplifies things for me nutritionally but also some of these items are incredibly helpful. Necessary to some degree, or at least with some dependent on timing.

Al Caslow

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