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3/26/2012 9:18:08 AM -
Last weeks training

MONDAY- upper
Bench- up to 60% for 5x5
DB seated OHP- 4 sets 10 pyramiding to top set
pullups- 4 sets of 10
chest supported row supersetted with light db flyes- 4-5 sets

hack squat machine up to max set of 8
BB bent over rows- start at 15 reps till cant hold bar, then add straps and work to max set of 8
GHR- 3x12 reps

SATURDAY- upper body
Standing strict BB OHP- pick a weight of about an 8rm, then do 2x5 reps and 1x8+ reps with it. goal to get 3x8 reps then add weight.
DB flat bench- 5 sets of 10; working up to near max set of 10.
db flye 5 sets just to stretch out pecs improve mobility
wide grip low cable row- 5 sets of 12 focus on scapula to rehab shoulder
v-bar lat pulls worked up to max set of 10 over about 6-7 sets

stretch and foam roll

Currently 13 weeks out and counting from next planned PL meet, SPF Nationals. Im not sure if ill be able to do it or not because ill be studying for the bar exam, but im going to train for it. I yet davent decided whether to hit my 8+ no wrap squat or shoot for 900 w/ wraps. I dont want Pozdeev to beat me to the 900 list. Only 13 men have made it to the 900 lb Squat list, and none under 300 lbs- so that is my long term goal.

Sam Byrd

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