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3/26/2012 12:54:36 PM - Steve Pilcinella
Monday Training

We picked up another training partner now. Maye winters is one of the strongwomen that has been training at my gym for a couple years now. She is already strong as hell but lately she doesn't feel like she has made the gains that she should be. She is a college professor so will only be with us a couple days a week.

Bench Press:
I worked up to 395x10x1 today. I was pretty happy with that. Every rep was set up tight, the groove was exactly the same and shot right up. I reworked Maya's technique a little and she seemed to do much better as the reps went on. Bob somehow managaed to absolutely grind reps 1-9 out like his life depended on it and missed number 10. We calculated that on ten singles his time under tension was like 35 minutes. He is the reason I will have nightmares about sore shoulders tonight.

Incline dumbbell bench: 90x4x12

Triceps push-downs with spud strap: 4x20

Overhead two hand dummbell extension: 4x20


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