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3/27/2012 9:27:40 PM -
Day 2 Week 2 - Bench

This is going to sound like I am whacked out on kool-aid but this session in comparison to how I looked last week was 10-fold better. Check it out:

Warmed up

Eccentric bench w/120lbs chain
Bar x 30
chains x 2 x 6 reps
95 x 4 reps
145 x 4 reps
165 x 4 reps
145 x 4 x 4 reps
*completed first set
**completed second set
***missed last rep at lockout on third set
***missed last two reps at lockout on fourth set

Circuit #1
CSR x 12
OVERHEAD press x 12
Rotator pulldowns x 12
DB Tate press x 12
DB wrist extension x 12
4 circuits Total

Circuit #2
Lying External Rotation x 12
Bar Rollouts x 12
Y-T-L-W x 24
3 Circuits Total

Yesterday was probably the longest day. Woke up early, my daughter was sick. it was my only office day of the week. I had two phone conferences scheduled and the whole time I spent them with the phone going mute on and off in order for them to not hear my daughter whining and/or laughing while watching "Cars."

Then to make it an awesome day, our kitchen sink out of the blue starts spraying water - yay for lowes. Whoa me, as I am the worst handy man ever. Fixed it though.

After that, our landscaper came to pick up his annual dues. I love paying this guy, because once I do, he's in for it. As soon as I dropped the envelope in his hands I said "next week we need this redone." I did smile after.

By this time it was 8. I had a few beers then hit the sack. All sweaty and shit. Only to have the wife wake me up to shower. When I got out, the sheets were clean and fresh, so I got to sleep on cool fresh sheets. What a day - what a day.

I return tomorrow night, just in time to train. I told the wife I get in at 9pm. So landing at 6 gives me enough time to shoot to the gym train for a few hours and still get home without hearing it. Hate lying but in this case, "better to ask for forgiveness than permission."

Al Caslow

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