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4/2/2012 9:42:49 AM -
High School Football Head Coach Mistake #5

Continued from last week, here is MISTAKE #5:

Allowing too many chefs to spoil the broth.

This, once again, falls into the "Everybody's an expert" category where everyone has "input" into the job of the strength coach. On any staff, no job is completely delegated. The defensive coordinator is going to have some input into the linebackers coach's job, and the head coach is going to have some input into the DC's job. Depending on the program, this input is either a lot or a little, but it happens everywhere. And depending on your rank in the staff's chain of command, you'll be stepping on some toes if you're commenting on what drills a coach is running in practice, etc. It still happens, though.

When you're a strength coach, however, all of this is amplified. In all probability, the defensive coordinator knows a LOT more about coaching linebackers than he does about putting together strength and conditioning programs. He will, however, offer the same level of input when things start going sour -- and that goes for every assistant on the staff.

You'll agree to a bunch of shit in camp, you'll set up an intelligent program the way you think it should be, but then after your first loss, you can be damned sure your defensive backs coach is talking to your head coach about you, telling him the reason you lost is because the kids haven't been doing hang cleans.

And if you're REALLY in a shit situation, you'll have a mutiny on your hands, where some coach will convince your kids you have no idea what you're doing and work with them "privately." Meanwhile, he won't tell you he's doing this, the kid won't tell you he's doing this, and now he's doing extra work with some dude who has no idea how to take into account the stresses the kid is already under.

And then, when you find out about it and tell the head coach, his philosophy on the whole thing is, "You can never do enough work."

This has never failed to piss me off as a coach -- when you're hired to put together a program to get the kids stronger, faster, and better conditioned, and you have to submit whatever you're doing to a panel of other coaches who have no idea what they're doing -- and you can guarantee there'll be at least two or three other guys on the staff that need to put their "stamp" on whatever you're doing. You can have James Smith and Buddy Morris come in and give a three hour presentation on "organisms" and "PASM" and sing the Soviet national anthem, and some slapdick history teacher coach will STILL come out and say the program sucks because you're not doing enough seated calf raises.

Reference my buttkick example I always use, where one of the JV coaches started flipping out about the pre-practice and pre-game warm-up I designed because it didn't have buttkicks in it. I thought I was in the f-ing Twilight Zone.

My best advice having sat through this shit for more than ten years? Tell your positional coaches to leave the strength coach the f--k alone. And if you have assistants who don't currently lift weights or train and are completely out of shape? They shouldn't be going within 100 feet of a kid who's lifting or running.

Angry Coach

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