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4/5/2012 4:00:10 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Thursday Training and some pep in my step

After not training for a couple of days this week I felt pretty good this morning.

Axle Clean and 3 presses: worked up to 220lbsx3x3, 240x1, 260x1

Behind neck press: 6 sets of five (used band tension)

Cable side delt raises: 4x12

Rear delt machine: 3x15

I’m feeling a LOT more energetic since my doctor changed me off those other BP meds and onto the new stuff I’m now taking. I don’t even give a crap if they help my BP I just like not feeling like ass for a change. I can tell I’m feeling better because when I feel good I drive everywhere like the Wolf in ‘Pulp Fiction’. I floor it down every street and drive everywhere like I’m being chased by Roscoe P Coaltrain, basically because I can. At one point today I literally drove almost a quarter mile on the sidewalk to avoid traffic. How do I get away with this? It breaks down into two reasons, first is I grew up in this town and lived here all my life, everyone knows me and I have appointed myself their Dominator. There is no cop around here that would dare give the Dominator a ticket. The other reason I can drive like a maniac, gangsta is because everyone gets out of my way because I look crazy and my truck has that piece of shit, uninsured look about it and few people want to take their chances getting hit by me.

The ‘Do You Even Lift’ t-shirt sales exploded. I sold out of the first shipment in a little more than 24 hours and the second printing should be in soon. Get yours today and be the first one on your block to have my head on your shirt

Dave Tate has announced some info on the next Learn To Train Seminar. May 25th & 26th. The Confirmed Speakers are Josh Bryant, Jeremy Frey, CJ Murphy, John Meadows, Steve Pulcinella, Chad Wesley Smith and Dave Tate. What a line-up! Registration will open sometime next week. So be on the lookout for Dave to announce the registration and jump on it, it fills up fast. I look forward to meeting and hanging out with everyone.


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