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4/7/2012 6:47:42 PM -
Friday - back in the shirt and an epiphany

10 minute upper and lower body warmup

Worked up to 405 raw

62 Metal Jack
2 board 500x2
2 board 600x2
1 board 700x1
*To chest 800x0

64 Metal Ace
2 board 500x1
1 board 600x1
To chest 700x1, 750x1

Floor press pinkies on ring + 4 chains:
315/365/405x3, 455x2

Incline Tate Presses:
40x12, 50 3x12, 60 2x10

Seated pulley rows w/fat v-bar:
200x15, 250x15, 300x10

This was a boatload of work and it felt great. I love training! It was good jumping back in with heavy weight. My conditioning and recovery must be pretty good considering I competely less than a week ago. The 800 in the 62 Jack was coming in perfectly, but then it got a little squirrelly in the bottom so I just told them to take it.

I am really getting tired of tight shirts f'ing with my groove. That's why I jumped into my 64 Ace. I just wanted to move weights (Plus I need to have a loose shirt for the Last Man Standing Bench Contest in Lancaster, PA in July). All of the sets felt awesome. I hovered a hair from touching on the 700 and 750. I just don't need to snug the shirt down at all in the future for those weights. I was pleasantly surprised how well I benched in a shirt I have not worn in years. Plus I have not been in a shirt in almost 6 months.

I have watched guys put shirts on for years that take a team of lifters to help them get on. So I always feel like the fact I can get a shirt on with just a little tug, the shirt must be fine. Man, last night was liberating. The 64 slid on and off without any help. I was really able to groove in the shirt. I was much more technically proficient when I wore bigger shirts. Hence why I am getting a 64 Metal Jack. That's also the reason I did not fight with the 800 in the 62. I alredy knew what the next step would be.

My plan early in the evening was to just play in the shirts and then call it quits. However, I was feeling too good to do that. So I went along for the whole ride.

I really like the new program that we have worked up. I can't wait to run it through its course. I feel confident it will yield the results I am looking for.

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Damn, that was a lot,
Vincent Dizenzo

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