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4/9/2012 1:55:30 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday training

Benching- today was max single, then drop to 80% for 3x5 week.


Benching went really well today, all reps were punched right out. I might have had another ten pounds in me but I didn't feel like pushing my luck.

Incline dumbbells:

Cable flyes: 3x15

Triceps pushdowns: 4x20

The last few weeks I have noticed that my legs have just felt dead. My feet have been killing me at the end of the day and my legs are generally weak. I don't mean I can't squat heavy weak, I mean weak like having trouble climbing the steps weak. I could hardly push my damn lawn mower last week.

Then I was doing some research on this blood pressure medication that I'm on and came to this site where people can write in reviews of different medications. I typed in mine and there is five hundred people all saying that within days of taking this shit they noticed their legs getting weak and suffered swelling and weight gain. Great, so my BP might go down a few points but my legs will be too weak to carry around my bulbous upper body for the rest of my life. 'F' that noise, I'm done with the medical community, I'm done with these evil drugs, I'm done with all that bullshit. I should have never started this stuff in the first place.

I know all the dangers of having an elevated BP, I've heard them my entire life. I don't care anymore, I just want to feel good again. Long term health was never as important to me than short term hugeness.


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