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4/10/2012 1:20:42 PM - Steve Pulcinella
The end of squatting forever.

Well I was waiting for this one. My left (good) knee finally fell apart. I was trying to come off a low box with only 315 on the bar and felt a bunch of stuff in my knee just grind, pop and snap as I stood up. After a few minutes of burning and searing pain it swelled up a little. This injury has been building up for a while now. All the months of me compensating for my torn quad just took a harsh toll on it.

I'm not in a position to get another surgery right now, I just have too many things going on and can't afford the downtime. I think this is just the point where I stop squatting for good. I know it's blasphemy on EliteFTS to not squat but it's finally become impossible due to the pain and damage outweighing the little results I now get from them.

With all the lower extremity injuries I've gotten all I seem to do is take one step forward and two steps back anyway. I've been putting myself through excruciatingly painful squatting workouts only to have people comment on how skinny my legs are all the time so why even bother at this point? Even if I can rehab it to feeling a little better I don't see me squatting ever again. There are other things I can do that will keep me more mobile than squatting.

I'd like to say that I'll miss getting under a heavy barbell and have it crushing down on my spine, walking back with it, then sitting down and standing up again and again . . . but I really won't.

Anyway . . . on to bigger and better things!

RIP SQUATS, I hated you any way,

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