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4/12/2012 1:25:07 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Thursday training

I’m weaning myself off the 5,000,000 mgs of caffeine that I take in during the day so I’m finding it hard to get going. I notice it’s not the bodily energy I’m lacking it’s more the mental focus that I’m struggling with early in my training. And when I can’t get going my two partners Bob and Don are totally lost and act like that old electronic football game and just spin around in circles bumping into each other. But I eventually got it together.
Pull/pull/hang clean combo:

Military press:
Worked up to 110kgsx1, 90x3x5

Susperset- upright row/dumbbell side raises: 3x10/10

Barbell curls:
90x12 all sets done in rapid fire.

I just got off the phone talking to my buddy Bruce Wilhelm, we were discussing some topics that I want to talk about at the Learn to Train seminar. The guy is a feisty as ever and always cracks me up. If you don’t know who Bruce is you better check yo-self and then Google him.

I have been receiving some pictures of people wearing their Do You Even Lift t-shirts that have been arriving in the mail. This particular one cracked me up. I’m not sure what is happening here but it looks like a kid who couldn’t grow his own Stevey P beard so he had his mom crochet one for him to wear. The only problem is that he ended up looking like Jason Pegg and Charles Mansion’s love child.


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