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4/13/2012 2:19:40 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Friday training and my new besty Murph

Good training day today. I must be a hell of a coach because both the guys that I train with hit massive lifetime PR’s in the deadlift today. I’m not talking one of those bullshit made up PR’s like ‘best set of 7 with 332lbs with reverse bands, briefs, a hat and one shoe on. I mean a true BEST EVER RAW SINGLE. I’m pretty proud of those guys. If any you want to meet them we’ll be making a road trip to Gene Rychlak’s meet this weekend in York PA to watch one of our lifters compete. Come and talk to Bob about Crossfit, he’ll go on for hours.

Today was our day where we go up to a max single, drop to 80% for 3x5. I kind of hung back and just topped out at 600lbs.


Barbell rows: 325lbs 4x10

Barbell shrugs:

Standing abs: 4x8

Yesterday I was talking to CJ Murphy on the phone. As a lot of you know Murph owns the famous TPS gym up in Everett Mass, hence is funny sounding Kennedy family accent. Our gyms are very similar so we are laughing about the crazy stuff that’s always happening in our places. Just then I look out the window and I see one of the neighborhood kids tagging the back of my sign in front of my building with a sharpee! I told Murph what was going down and walked out there and yelled at the little fucker and made him pee in his pants in mid tag. The kid actually tried to give me some jive story that what he was doing was ERASING a tag that was already there. Meanwhile I can hear Murph screaming into the phone “KILL THE LITTLE FUCKER . . . KILL HIM!” I just cracked up. It was so absurd. That’s when I realized that Murph and I would become close friends.


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