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4/16/2012 8:58:14 PM -
Monday Upper

Monday Upper

Bench- sucked- up to 405x2 easy but awkward reps. My shoulder just felt funny, didnt hurt just loose and wouldnt fire properly so shut it down and moved on.

seated db ohp- 85x15x4sets
lat pulls- 6 sets total: 3 sets of 15; 3 sets of heavy 6
flat db flyes- 55x12x4sets
^^superset with db front raises- 15x15x4sets (just concentrating on rotating scapula down on these; for rehab)
chest supported row- light; 15 repsx3 sets
^^super set with db raise still

chest, rotator, and wrist stretches

shoulder is feeling much better for the most part. My incline bench and OHP are getting strong again; strongest in long time, but the ROM on bench just really aggravates it. May have to just do floor or board presses for a while to limit the friction until i can get my mobility where it needs to be. I think everything is loosening up and its cause new problems with the muscles firing pattern. hell, i dont know. I just know its frustrating to be strong but not beable to execute it on the lifts that count...

Sam Byrd

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