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4/17/2012 7:41:19 PM -
Squat / Pull Day

2 Days post race and my legs were tired today. I am starting 531 again. Im ready to start getting stronger again and with my weight steady my expectation will be to get better each week again.

First week of 531 revitalization. Im started with 333 week. I will have 2 weeks that focus on major movements and 2 weeks that focus on more assistance type work. They will altenate. 333, and 531 will be the same and 555, and deload weeks will be the same. This way I hit them equally hard and dont skimp on the latter movements during the tail end of a workout.

I just did reps prescribed. I call this the intro phase of a cycle. No max reps and just enough to get accustomed to the increased sets.


333 Week

135 for 5
225 for 3
315 for 3

Work Sets

370 for 3
420 for 3
465 for 3

Sumo Deadlift

405 for 3
465 for 3
520 for 3

RDLS or "pulls from the top off pins"

225 for 3
315 for 3
405 for 3
495 for 3
585 for 3

I used double over hand for these up to 405 then straps on out. The bar is in your hands forever as you have to wait for the pins to be out back in.

When I pulled 755 raw at 275 my best was 708 for 3. heres video of that. I am about 280 there and damn I look fat. But this is great example of how we do these.

I went home and my buddy John brought his tiller over. My wife is getting garden crazy early this year. He then spent a half hour trying to fix my weed wacker. I was so damn happy as it got late and my wife decided I could till another night YES!!!!

Scott Yard

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