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4/20/2012 10:26:07 AM -
Wednesday Lower Training

hack squats- 525x8,615x8, 655x8; down set w/ sumo stance 225x20

bent bb rows- up to 315x15, add straps w/ 405x10, 455x8, 475x8

RDLs light to stretch out hammys; 135x10x5sets

Gettin stronger every week. Really enjoying the variety of this training and the frequency seems right to push hard every time and still recover. I hate feeling the need to hold back for the next session, but with this i just lay it all out there and 5 days later ready to kill that group again.

I also want to point out that this is the same split i used to train for my last bodybuilding show. My crew has never trained like this before and they were all a little skeptical at first since they werent squatting and benching 3 times a week. But they are all making solid progress and enjoying it; except the hack squats. Everyone hates that machine-- but it sure does work!

Sam Byrd

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