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4/20/2012 5:07:22 PM -
Leg Day

Trained Leg one day early - Family obligations tomorrow.

Leg Curls with Plates and elitefts™ bands
* 4 warm up sets
* 2 semi warm up sets (Meadows just made this crap up today.
* 3 work sets
* 1 work set with force reps
* 1 high rep set of partials with body arched off the pad.

elitefts™ Yoke Bar Box Squats with Chains
* Did some product testing with the new elitefts EZ loaders.
* Worked up to 4 plates per side over many warm up sets.
* Started adding 2 chains per side for several more sets of 5 reps
* Last set did a strip set but instead of pulling plates we pulled chains.

The elitefts™ EZ Loaders allow for the chains to be loaded in multiple positions so the first strip set (pulling the top 2 chains) was a pretty big drop in weight, each drop after wasn't as big of a drop. We have a couple modifications to make on these but they should be ready to sell very soon. The main points of the product are covered we just need to fix some minor issues we didn't think about or notice until the chain weight got heavy.

THIS is how we test products at elitefts™

Leg Extensions super set with Monster Mondo Leg Press
* 2 warm up sets
* 2 semi warm up sets
* 4 work sets
+ 15 reps on the leg extensions and 8 reps on the leg press. The last two sets were HEAVY.

Standing Leg Curl
* 4 sets 15

The leg cramps have been insane!,
Dave Tate

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