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4/24/2012 9:30:49 AM -
Monday - Bench and training reflection

DE Bench 285 9x3 w/3 different grips
Close grip towel bench 405/425/430x5
30 degree thumb up lateral raise 20/25/25x12
Pushups from knees w/extra push at top 2x25

Iced pecs/shoulders 20 minutes
Contrast shower
DMSO pecs/shoulders

So I had a long weekend of reflection about training. Had some crap going on that I needed to escape so I dove head first into my studies. I went back and read all my logs. I did some cutting and pasting into a word document. I was like a mad scientist.

I came to a couple of conclusions. First, I am going to train raw until I reach 600 at 275. I figure I'm going to be 43 soon and my strength curve has to diminish at some time. So I need to put myself in the best position to reach my goal. That said, once I reach my goal I will be back in the shirt and strive for a 900. The shirt is more of a combination of strength and technique than raw, so that's my reasoning for that. I will however, still be competing in the Lat Man Standing Bench Contest in Lancaster PA this summer.

The reflection of my log also led me to some conclusions about my training. Most of my best equipped benches and all of my best raw benches came while I was doing some form of Dynamic Effort to some extent. That coupled with the fact I find more value in heavy singles on bench day as opposed to reps, leads me back to conjugate style training.

The above said, there is something I found great benefit from block training, RPE-Rate of Perceived Exertion. When I completed my supplemental exercise from this session I realized I left something in the tank. With conjugate training when completing your high intensity supplemental exercise you are supposed to keep the reps low. For the close grip towel press I had 5's in my head. After the 405 I knew I had more in me so I jumped to 425. I did that and naturally it got a little harder though I had more in me. So I figured I'd just throw on 2.5's something I rarely do. Well, I finished the 5 and racked the bar. Afterwards I got pissed at myself. There is no law that I could not have done another rep or two. Even though I was training by myself I had the safety pins set. Regardless, I was not afraid of missing. I just told myself that I just needed to hit my prescribed reps. Wow, that was a long winded way to say I will be using RPE as part of my conjugate programming.

I'm not done yet, seriously. I spent a lot of time studying this past weekend. For my regular readers you know I have been having a nagging pec/shoulder issue for a loooooooong time. I do rehab, get ART, ice, heat, etc. Well, Sam Byrd posted in his log about an article Mike Robertson wrote about shoulder health. Sam said it was the best article he ever read on the subject and he was right. This is it

In just a few days of doing some of these motions just isometrically I feel infinitely better. As a result I will be rotating these exercises into my bench days. I will also be doing them and other exercises as prehab work at the end of my sessions.

Just about finished, I swear. Another thing I noticed is that my best benching has always come when I was only training lower body once a week. I incorporate two days of lower work just because I want more work. The best solution is to go back to a separate back and bicep day. I'm so spent on bench sessions by the time I get to them, I can't give them their due anyway. Plus, I want to complete this session on Saturdays. Saturday is the one night where Jessica and I eat the same meal and can enjoy something together. If I can tie this into a backload all the better. I need to keep my weight dialed in to come in at the best 275 I can.

As long as my body can hold up, my week will look like this.

Mon-DE bench
Friday-ME bench
Saturday-Back and biceps

I like the idea of training 4 days and then recovering for 3 prior to ME Bench. If I'm too beat up from training 4 days consecutively I'll move back and biceps to Wednesday.

I probably have more to say, but I gave myself carpal tunnel from this post.

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A lot of thinking to SFW,
Vincent Dizenzo

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